Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

At JT Ethos we deliver our passion and expertise in health and personal training in 3 ways:  

Health transformations may seem like an odd title but we use it to describe those clients who have a number of things to address 1 or 2 of which may be quite significant and very often one or 2 of them they hadn’t realised until we start talking. In today’s society 40-60 year olds in Sutton Coldfield are getting pulled in many directions. Work demands, family and children, perhaps parents that are needing more care and time. At this stage in life their bodies are also starting to creak a little. Some of that is natural, we can’t stop ageing, but we can stop the body looking & feeling old before its time. 
The vast majority of 40-60 years olds are contributing each and every day to their aches and pains. Not deliberately of course, but there is so much information available about how to be healthy that it is inevitable that most people will be making some mistakes. At JT Ethos we eliminate those mistakes. 
Our health transformation clients come to us with quite a wide range of things that are bothering them. It usually a combination of an expanding waist line, the scales going up or just not coming down, aches, pains and stiffness, a lethargy or lack of energy that just isn’t them, poor sleep quality or injuries that they've tried to ignore or manage but realise that they can no longer kid themselves about. 
Fundamentally they all want more out of life than they are currently getting. 
The key point that we teach all of these clients is that the way you used to look after your body in your 20s and early 30's just doesn't work once you approach and pass 40. Working harder, depriving yourself of food or scooping up a load of will power just won't deliver long lasting, transformative results. 
You've got to be smarter. 
After all isn't wisdom the commodity that we get more of as we get older? we certainly think so and believe that we can pass on our wisdom to help the people of Sutton Coldfield live with energy, vitality and happiness whatever their age. 

Our programmes will: 

Help you implement a performance focused diet & hydration strategy 
Transform your body by focusing on functional strength & fitness. 
Help you implement a rejuvenating rest, relaxation and lifestyle strategy 

Our programmes will: 

With super-charged energy, focus & concentration 
Pain-free, feeling fitter, stronger & healthier 
With mental and physical clarity all day everyday 
With a body that looks, feels and works like it is 5-10 years younger. Often without feeling like it was an awful lot of effort. 

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I came to Jim in 2014 after becoming dispirited with mainstream personal training and nursing lower back pain. Very quickly the pain was dealt with, followed by restored faith that there are practitioners out there that treat the whole person. What has followed is a long standing unexpected relationship that has focussed as much on personal growth as fitness and weight loss goals. 
In the last four years I have dipped in and out of JT Ethos and used the services in a variety of ways. Currently we are working on a knee injury to rehabilitate me back to running - but as is often the case it is not limited to just that. I’ve found myself wanting to learn more about core conditioning and am learning as well as doing - whilst being coached by Jim also. 
It’s very hard to explain what Jim does as it does not lend itself to a particular title. I would certainly direct anyone struggling with injury or fitness goals. The great thing about Jim is that whilst having an immense knowledge he also knows his limits and so will signpost elsewhere if he cannot meet your needs. He’s interested in making things better - and running a business, but the second doesn’t come at the expense of the first. 
But I would also send anyone looking for more help with other goals. He has a capacity for breaking down the information you give him and very simply stating why things might not be happening for you. He is challenging, but in the right way and should I ever finally be published his name should probably be at the top of the credits! There is an honesty and integrity that allows for some very difficult things to be addressed and whilst he often could, he does resist the urge to wear a t shirt saying ‘I told you so’. 
We’ve tried things that haven’t worked. I have to say I have learnt that’s because I haven’t been ready for them. We’ve then scaled things back and found other solutions. 
Jim is not a quick fix - because they never work. Jim is about long term sustainable solutions that improve your life. 
Amanda (46) 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
Today I found myself dancing around the kitchen, alone. It has been a long time since I have done this. 
I’ve been working with Jim for almost 3 months and can feel myself returning to ‘normal’. After years of battling with constant tiredness and a general feeling of “bleugh”, I am starting to feel the clouds lifting. 
I was hesitant to work with Jim, he looks so sporty and I am allergic to exercise, but it has been an education. Jim has made me step out of my comfort zone, and noe of it involved exercise! (so far). 
A regular phrase in my house is “Jim says I have to…”. I need to be pushed when it comes to looking after myself. Jim uses just the right amount of encouragement to motivate me. 
Jim’s holistic approach to the human body is a breath of fresh air. I know that I have a long way to go untilI am completely better, but the first stage has been great and I recommend anyone to speak to Jim and let him create a programme around you. 
Vicki - Company Director (46) 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
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