Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
"I feel much more confident in myself and finally understand my body more - what foods suit me, which ones defintely do not and I am now on track with my weight loss goals" 
Hayley Gruber 
When Hayley first came to speak to us her focus was very much on losing weight ahead of her wedding. She was using the gym and swimming 4 or 5 times a week and trying really hard to watch what she was eating, but not seeing the results she wanted. 
She was also keen to gain more confidence in herself, understand her body better and to have more balance in her life. 
Hayley was aware of our approach through a previous client who had achieved huge reaults (weight loss and IBS related) 5 years ago but she took some convincing that a bells and whisltes exercise regime was not the answer. She also promised to be bruttally honest and probably pretty difficult to work with! 
Over our time together (4 months so far) she has defintely been both of those (LOL), but she has also been a joy to help. She has been open minded and willing to try the things we have recommended (once she understands the reasoning behind it). Hayley has fully committed to every aspect of the programme even though some of it has been particularly challenging. 
And she is consistently achieving results. 
Her weight has already dropped over 1½ stones but more than that she is learning how her body reacts to food, exercise, stress, arguments and fun. 
She is gradually taking on more and more ownership of her journey to her ultimate health goals and is growing in confidence at the same time 
Though we still need to convince her, Hayley's achievements are something to be really proud of (we certainly are). She has created powerful, natural and long term change to her health, lifestyle, diet and consequently her weight. And we know that she is not done yet. 
Well done Hayley. 
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