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New Year’s Resolutions – Why The Are ALWAYS A Good Idea 
Forgive me for potentially calling you abnormal. But… 
If you made a New Year’s resolution and you’re in danger of failing (or have even already given up on it) then you are part of the abnormal majority. 
It is not normal to fail when you make a commitment. 
And a resolution is a commitment. 
At JT Ethos that commitment is the very first thing we look for. Without it, it is highly unlikely that we would offer to work with you. You may not know how to achieve something, you may not even know exactly what it is you want to achieve; but you must be committed. 
If you made a resolution to get healthier, to lose weight, to exercise more or eat less then you should expect to succeed. The scary fact is that only about 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. 
There are several common reasons why people fail: 
the goal is too tight – I will exercise everyday. 
the goal is not measureable &/or vague – I will get healthier 
the goal doesn’t actually matter to you that much 
the goal is too big – I will lose 12 stone in January 
you do not have the knowledge to achieve the goal – I will build my own house (with no previous experience) 
you try to achieve the goal without support and planning 
I want you now to look at that list above, and then think about some of the resolutions that you have made in the past, or that other people have made in the past. 
How many of them could be called bad? Do you know anyone who has made a resolution to be a more unpleasant person, or to become less healthy or to have less friends? I very much doubt it. 
You see, it may be worth re-naming the resolution to your goal, or your desire to improve yourself and I would argue having a goal or a desire to develop is NEVER a bad thing. 
You might not go about it the right way, the goal might be too big, you might judge yourself too harshly if you don’t achieve it or many other things – but I very much doubt that it will be the goal that was the negative. 
There are many different articles out there telling you about how to write proper goals. There are plenty of articles in the media telling you how to lose weight, how to get fitter, how to get stronger. 
But there is almost no one tying all aspects together. 
How to set you goals properly; how to align your eating, your stretching, your exercise, your lifestyle and your daily habits towards achieving the goals that really matter to you. 
How about making goals that REALLY matter to you…………….. 
When you do that, success becomes the easiest outcome. 
That’s what we do at JT Ethos every day, whether it’s New Year or not. 
So when you’re ready to achieve your resolution click on this sentence. 
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