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Sleep is a fundamental building block for health and vitality. I'm sure we have all experienced times of sleep deprivation duringthe course of our lives, the headaches, the mental fog, the nausea and- most importantly from a healthly habits angle - the poor choices that are made when tired. 
Sleep and sleep quality is a HUGE area. When I am helping people with sleep problems I don't mond admitting that I am usually a little daunted. That is simply becasue there are so many factors that can affect sleep both positively and ngatively that it is almost impossible to establish a consistent baseline and then add other things in to track which has an impact one way or the other. But one thing that doesn't change is teh stages of sleep we go throgh eachh night and it is time spent in these stages that can really help us understand the quality of sleep we are getting. 
One tool that has made monitoring sleep easier is wearable technology. In my article on wearable technology - - I cover some of the pros and cons but it does provide regualr data. personally I have seen very clearly that eating late at night negatively affects my Heart Rate Variability and I have also been shown unequivically just how much alcohol is detrimental to sleep! 
High quality sleep helps any number of differenet aspects of health and wellbeing - emotional health, immunity, energy, weight loss (regalar sleep is vital to any weight loss efforts). Therfore understanding the basics is really important. 
I have never claimed to be an expert in all the areas necessary to be vitally fit and healthy. i know quite a lot about quite a lot of the areas but I am both always on the look out to learn more and very happy to highlight other people or other sources that do the job as well as, or better than I can. 
So rather than re-hash information about the 4 stages of sleep I wanted to use this post to point people in the direction of this article on the 4 stages of sleep from the Oura website
Monitoring sleep stages will help you to focus on what behaviours help you to sleep best. 
Nobody sleeps really well every night, but seeing good trends and relating that to feeling good day in and day out helps re-enforce the good choices. 
This article explains really nicely the different stages of sleep and why each stage is important. I hope that you enjoy reading it. 
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