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Having been rehabilitating people from long term injuries for nearly 20 years now there is one phase that ALWAYS presents problems. the phase where most clients are likely to drift off, stop doing the very thinsg that have given them results, the stage where they think they can stop investing - both physically and financially. 
Now don't get me wrong, I understand the desire to get the problem fixedas quickly as possible and also to stop spending money on rehab, but I also know that this phase is the very WORST time to stop. Stopping in this phase almost guarantees re-injury and more phases of rehab. 
In this video I cover the basic phases of any rehabilitation programme but relate it particularly to my speciality, long term back pain. And look the single biggest mistake most people make, the impact that has on them in the short and long term and also the painfully simple things you can do to avoid it and achieve your original goal - full recovery. 
I hope you enjoy it, please do add any questions or comments into the box below. 
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