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Here at JT Ethos we don’t do quick fixes unless they are guaranteed to last. You won’t find us advocating crash diets, or boot camp blitz’s because we care about you achieving success that lasts a lifetime. We care about helping you to look and feel great everyday not just for the days that you’re on holiday. 
That said we all like to look as good as we can on holiday so here are our Top 10 hot tips for getting ready for the beach. As with all things we do, we've related it to our 4 Doctors philosophy and remember they also help you look good for your first day back at work, for the school run, for that party you’re going to or even just so you can look in a mirror and be proud. 
1. Dr Happiness – Do you really want to do it and if so WHY? The idea of shedding a few pounds, or even stones may sound good (almost everybody would want to lose a bit of weight if it took no effort) but is this something you are really motivated by and does it fit in with your overall values? If it does then it’s a good idea and you should spend some time really nailing down which part specifically matters to you and why that is so important. You then want to hold onto this thought and keep reminding yourself of it every day. 
2. Dr Diet - Drink water and lots of it.  
I have written many times about the importance of water. It affects every singles cell of you body – and you have over 3 trillion cells! Multiply your body weight (in kilogrammes) by 0.033 to give you the required volume in litres. It’s a lot and it MUST be drunk IN SIPS everyday. It will take about 2 weeks to get used to it but your body will adapt and then you’ll really notice the difference when you don’t do it. Also be careful not to drink too much later in the evening so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. 
3. Dr Quiet - Sleep like a baby. Sleep is the only time your body totally rests. It is the time that you repair your cells and recharge your batteries. Plus, there is no one on this planet that looks better on less sleep. We are circadian beings, which means that we rise and fall with the sun and moon. The lunar cycle controls our sleep and awake hormones, it also controls the tides in all the oceans and seas. We are 60-70% water, it can sure control us. To be in harmony with the moon you must sleep between 10/10.30pm and 6/6.30am. this is rigid. You cannot sleep between 12 & 8 it is not the same thing. 
4. Dr Diet - Feed the Fire. Your body is a thermal engine that needs fuel just like a fire. If you don’t add logs onto a fire it goes out – so will you it’s caller hypoglaecemia. Cutting calories through a feast and famine approach will only serve to make you really good at storing fat. You need to fuel your engine every 4 hours. It doesn’t need to be huge volumes just enough to satisfy your hunger (even if you don’t feel hungry yet). 
5. Dr Diet - Remove the crutches – sugar & caffeine. Nobody ever looks good when they’re desperate. Caffeine and sugar are 2 of the most powerful drugs on the planet. If you’re going to eliminate them completely be careful, watch for signs of detoxification and get some expert assistance. As a minimum I recommend opening your eyes up to how much you are consuming and slowly reducing it. However don’t fall into the trap of replacing it with sweetener. That is even worse. Remember that fruit contains sugar, yes it’s better than table sugar but it’s still sugar and needs to be considered. 
6. Dr Movement - Stretch.  
Long sleek flexible muscle look awesome. Plus collapsing onto a sunbed because you’re too stiff to get down there is a bit embarrassing! Yoga is a wonderful way to elongate your muscles, particularly when done properly. Look at the book How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy by Paul Chek for an awesome do-it-yourself stretching assessment and tailored programme. 
7. Dr Movement - Move. Movement (not exercise) is key to so many bodily functions, it is not just about toning muscles although that is a particular benefit when getting ready for the beach. Please note I am not talking about exercise here, I am talking about natural movements. You don’t need to join a gym, go to boot camp or zumba. You can if you want but you don’t have to. Walk, play and move. One of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had was spending a morning on the same level as my then 3-year-old child. Kids move naturally and they burn lots of energy and by getting down to their level you will to. If you don’t have 3 year old of your own – don’t go borrow one unless you know the parents!! Get out into nature, go exploring the woods, play games in the park or you could even make your sex life more like a workout! The limitations are your own imagination. 
8. Dr Happiness - Treat yourself. When you’ve given yourself a little treat you will emit a happiness that will instantly make you look better. Get you hair cut or have a massage (massage also helps to lengthen muscles). Get your nails done or have a facial. What ever you choose to do make sure that you have earned it first! 
9. Dr Diet - Cut out the bloaters. The simplest way to lose both weight and inches is to cut out foods that bloat you. The difficulty is that very few people actually feel the effect of the foods that bloat them until they have removed them and then try to eat them again. This is because the body is amazingly good at adapting and coping with less than ideal circumstances, but believe me, deep down in your digestive system you are paying for it. Once you have cleaned yourself out and then tried them again, very few people need anymore convincing. The key food groups to consider are: 
a. Gluten – not just wheat. 
b. Dairy products. 
c. Yeast 
d. Eggs 
e. Nuts – most people know about any issues that have with nuts 
Eliminating these foods is not too difficult when you do it properly so get some advice. I do not recommend trying this on your own, it will be much more difficult and there is a good chance that you will put a load of will power into it and make one or 2 mistakes that make the whole thing worthless. 
10. Dr Happiness - Be happy.  
The number one way to look good in any situation is to be happy and confident about you. Stand tall, look people in the eye and be confident. This comes from living your life the way you want it, doing the things you want to do and the things that matter most to you. Whether this is spending more or less time with family or friends, spending more or less time at work, travelling all over the world or just around the corner it doesn’t matter what it is. What is essential is that it is what you want. We have a saying here at JT Ethos – when you’re living your legacy, you don’t need a crisis. The other main reason that this is number one, is when you are doing this all the other 9 points are so much easier to achieve. 
If you follow all of these points for 3-6 weeks you’ll be in the best condition you’ve been in for years and as I stated at the start, these points will not only help you look good on the beach, they help you look good at work, help you look good when you with friends, help you look good on a lazy Sunday morning and most importantly make you feel as good as you look. 
Not all of these points are easy to implement, so if you are in any doubt ask for some help. We have many different ways to help people here at JT Ethos and for the sack of a bit of expert guidance you can look and feel great for the rest of your life. 
Enjoy looking and feeling amazing! 
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